Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge

About the Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge (EABOK®)

The Enterprise Architecture (EA) practice is evolving—accelerating in pace and adoption throughout the world. However, it lacks an authoritative, unbiased place to learn about the wide array of experiences, methods and practices. The EA Body of Knowledge or EABOK® aims to change that.

The EABOK® is a unique, community-based endeavor whose members believe that the best way to gather knowledge about EA is to simply ask practitioners and researchers to share what they know, what they do, and how well it works.

We aspire to have the EABOK® become an ever-evolving map to insightful and useful information about EA, developed by and for the EA community. We invite you to join our Consortium and become a part of the EABOK®. By building the EABOK together and sharing our collective knowledge, we can advance the profession and help the entire EA community worldwide.

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The EABOK brings the Enterprise Architecture (EA) community together to enable the advancement and visibility of the EA practice:

  • Increase access to the practices and experiences of the EA community
  • Explore the scope and boundaries of the EA discipline
  • Provide structure to the knowledge within the EA discipline
  • Enable common and consistent views of EA, while sharing diverse opinions
  • Connect the EA discipline to other disciplines