Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge
Developing an EA

Some knowledge about EA does not fit into any one of the life-cycle-based Knowledge Areas of the EABOK. In general, this knowledge is cross-cutting or "meta-level" knowledge that represents different perspectives on the discipline. Example perspectives could include different views on categorizing EA knowledge; new emerging areas of EA knowledge; history of EA; current maturation status of EA; social aspects of EA; founders and prominent thinkers in EA; EA architect education, specializations, skill set, certification, licensing; intersection of EA with related disciplines; etc.

This "Perspectives" Knowledge Area exists to collect and point to such cross-cutting knowledge. At the current time, no Topics have been established to further structure this Knowledge Area.

We are soliciting content in this topic area. If you are an expert in this enterprise architecture domain please consider participating. To inquire about this topic area contact us today.

Perspectives on EA